New German Painting

Author: Graham Bader, Christoph Tannert

Born in Germany in the years following the collapse of the Communist regime, the New Leipzig School started when a group of classmates at the Leipzig Academy rediscovered figurative art. Their paintings reflected the melancholy that pervaded East Germany as it struggled with capitalism, high unemployment and depopulation. Fifteen year later, paintings by the Leipzig school and its related movement, Dresden Pop, are conquering the international art market.
The authors take on this important trend one painter at a time, and also analyse the work of other contemporary German artists. They examine each artist's oeuvre on its own merit and consider various factors behind the movements-the onset of the digital age, social disillusionment and individual protest. Breathtaking reproductions allow readers to form their own ideas about what constitutes and drives new German painting, and understand its significance around the world.

Maike Abetz ve Oliver Drescher
Franz Ackermann
Norbert Bisky
Daniela Brahm (*)
Markus Draper (*)
Kerstin Drechsel
Sven Drühl
Martin Eder (*)
Tim Eitel
Katharina Grosse
Eberhard Havekost
Anton Henning
Johannes Kahrs
Kiron Khosla
Ulrich Lamsfuss
Robert Lucander
Michel Majerus
Antje Majewski (*)
Bernhard Martin (*)
Jonathan Meese
Carsten Nicolai
Frank Nitsche
Neo Rauch (*)
Anselm Reyle
Daniel Richter
David Schnell (*)
Dirk Skreber (*)
Corinne Wasmuht
Matthias Weischer (*)
Amelie Von Wulffen
Stephan Melzl
Yesim Akdeniz Graf
Sergej Jensen
Thomas Helbig
André Butzer
Dierk Schmidt
Moritz Götze
Maik Wolf
Sophia Schama
Thomas Scheibitz
Wawrzyniec Tokarski
Tomma Abts
Kai Althoff
Pablo Alonso
Thomas Zipp
Tatjana Doll
Tine Benz
Dirk Bell
Andreas Hofer
Markus Selg
Hartwig Ebersbach
Lutz Friedel
Arno Rink
Bernhard Heising
Wolfgang Mattheuer
Tilo Baumgartel
Christoph Ruckhaberle
Gabi Hamm
Axel Geis
Tom Fabritius
Martin Kobe
Florian Pelka

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